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Frequantly Asked Questions



What is a one day rental?

  A one day rental is we deliver in the morning before noon and pick up starts at 7pm the same day. We do not leave or inflatables over night unless you have a two day rental. Our tents are the next day pick up. If any questions please call and ask we will be happy to answer your questions.   


* There has been a change on big orders for events half of the total must be paid at the time of booking. A deposit is still required for all inflatable at the time of booking, if we do not receive down payment unfortunately we will not be able to book your event . 


What surface types can an inflatable be set up on?


We always prefer to set up on grass for maximum safety.  We can also set up on cement and other hard surfaces too.  We will not set up on dirt, sand, rocks, or mud.  We will also not set up in a yard needing pet pooper-scooper duty so please take care of this in advance if pets access the area we will be setting up at.


 Can adults jump?


Once again, we do have a general rule here:  no adults inside.  Again, this is to ensure maximum safety to all while also helping to protect our inflatable equipment.  The seams inside are only capable of holding specific weight loads.  Unfortunately, we do not cater to adult parties - kids only please.


 Is adult supervision required?


For maximum safety adult supervision is required any time a child may have access to one of our inflatables


Are delivery, set-up, and take-down included with a rental?

Yes, we offer delivery, set-up, and take-down with every inflatable rental. WITH DELIVERY FEE DEPENDIN ON DE LOCATION

*Restrictions apply for delivery please call to confirm 

At the time of delivery there must be someone there to sign the contract, and make payment.


Are you insured?

          Absolutely!  We are fully insured and licensed.  ALWAYS ENSURE THE COMPANY YOU ARE USING IS FULLY INSURED.

What if it is rainy or windy?

          Hernandez Rental LLC reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to heavy rains or 

high winds (over 15 mph). As the renter you have the right to cancel the event in the case of eminent rain (within 3 days). Your deposit can be used towards another date. (It must be used within 1 month of the cancellation of your event. If the rescheduling of your event is not done in a timely manner your deposit will be forfeited. No CASH REFUNDS, deposits have to be used towards another date.)Once the unit is delivered, if weather conditions worsen, there will be NO refunds and Hernandez Rental LLC reserves the right to remove the unit from the elements.

Are there any cleaning fees?

We expect to receive our inflatables back in a fairly clean condition. We realize that children in and out of it all day, can allow grass to enter by means of their socks. We will not charge for cleaning this. However, since you will receive a list of general rules  at the time of setup, any food, drink stains or not following any other listed rule of this nature will result in a minimum $100.00 clean-up fee at the time of pickup. The inflatable will be inspected before it’s packed up at your location.


Do I need to provide anything or do anything special when expecting my party rental?


Should you rent one of our inflatables for a wet party you must provide a water hose long enough in length to reach the setup area of the inflatable. Hernandez Rental LLC is not responsible, nor will refund a party for a water unit that does not have proper hose availability, once the delivery has arrived.


When we arrive to deliver the inflatable moonwalk, the delivery driver will need to know where you would like to set the unit up at and they will need to know the location of the nearest electrical outlet.  We will provide and setup all necessary equipment to allow the inflatable to be operational.  Our blowers will need to be setup within 75 ft of a designated, grounded, 3-prong, 11v, 20amp, standard electrical outlet.  It is also advised that you contact your local utility company a few days before we come out to survey & mark your utility lines before we stake our inflatables to the ground.  Moonwalks require stakes that are 18" long and 1/2" in diameter.

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